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Hey RepairShoprs,

Here’s a summary of some bigger Quality of Life updates and feature enhancements we’ve recently built and shared with you:

  1. Customer Portal: You can now
    disable the ability for your Customers to pay Invoices
    from the Customer Portal!
  2. Estimates/Invoices: You can now
    give your Estimates and Invoices a specific name of your choosing
  3. SMS: You can now
    send SMS messages to your Customers that are longer than 140 characters
    ! Simply type your message into one Ticket Communication and the RepairShopr system will automatically parse and send the message in a breakdown of multiple messages if it is longer than the standard 140 character mobile message limit.
  4. Tickets: You can now have
    Tickets automatically split
    if a Customer replies to an older Ticket stating a new issue they’re experiencing.
  5. Ticket Timers: We now allow you to
    view all currently running Ticket Timers from a single page
    . Just click on the active timers drop-down at the very top of your RepairShopr account and click the “All Timers” button to be taken to the page!
  6. Ticket Automations: You can now
    use “Send SMS” as a Ticket Automation action
    ! This works very similarly to the “Send Email” action type, just be sure to keep an eye on your SMS credits so as to not run out!
  7. Ticket Dashboard: You can now generate “shareable” URLs to plug into your browser that do not require you to be logged into your RepairShopr account to access the Ticket Dashboard view. Learn more

  8. Invoices: You can now have Product prices automatically update in Recurring Invoice templates if you change the price of a Product in your Inventory.
  9. Xero: We created a thorough video walkthrough of how to set up the Xero accounting integration with your RepairShopr account.

Here’s a summary of some smaller updates and bug fixes we’ve made over the last few weeks:

  1. Invoices: If you set a Recurring Invoice to run today, but it’s after the scheduled kickoff time of 6:00 am, we now give you the option to “Run Now.”Recurring Invoice schedule
  2. App Center: In the App Center, sensitive information such as API keys are no longer displayed in plain-text for added security.
  3. Tickets: Now if you get an email with a CC to your Leads, when you later turn that into a Ticket we’ll copy the CC email addresses to that Ticket for you!
  4. Customers: Communication Logs for a Customer are now links!
  5. Customers: You can now view the icons you set in a Customer Custom Field on the Customer List page itself.
  6. Customer Portal: If your Customers pay via the Customer Portal, they’ll now see your account log on the Invoice Payment screen (i.e. you don’t have to add it to the screen, it just shows up in the portal payment flow)!
  7. Subscriptions: We added a confirmation page when switching between RepairShopr plans.
  8. Bug Fixes: We fixed a whole lotta bugs (
    outlined in this post
    ) in addition to the ones below!
  9. Bug Fix: Fixed a small user interface bug on the schedules list.
  10. Bug Fix: We fixed a bug with editing Ticket Automations.
  11. Bug Fix: Editing a Contract will no longer reset the “win” likelihood to the 50% default, but will instead preserve the last number used.
  12. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where only admins could bulk select Assets on the Assets index page.

We hope you enjoy these user-requested updates and bug fixes. Until next time!

-The RepairShopr Team