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Hey Everyone – It’s time for another Bug Fix Friday! It’s been about a month or so since I posted and thought it a good time to do one.

Here are some of the things we have been working on through the last month. Some of these are bug fixes and some of these are Quality of Life adjustments made by community request. This is not a complete list as many fixes were account specific issues.

Bug Fix Friday - Part Deux!

Fix – Registers that have gone too long (~6 months +) can be closed without an error.

Fix – Contact Custom Fields no longer appear to apply to all contacts when updated

QoL – We added a location column to the list of product serials

QoL – We added a new permission for “Assets Edit” and migrated all security groups with “Assets Show” to allow that permission (because those security groups effectively already had that permission but we’re splitting the permission now).

Fix – We fixed a bug where only Admins could bulk edit Assets even if other users had been given the assets-edit permission.

QoL – (Vantiv Users) Payment profile reauthorization will now only keep the most recent failed notice when trying to re-auth a profile.

Fix/QoL (Why not both?) – We’ve added a link on the CloudBerry app card for Image-Based licenses.

QoL – In the App Center, sensitive information such as API keys are not displayed in plain text for security.

QoL – Like magic you can now send more than 1 sms from the Ticket comment (recent Feature Firday!).

Fix – New line items added to recurring invoices are now always added to the bottom.

QoL – Active Ticket Timers now has a home of its own, you can view all active timers across the account from /tickets/active_timers or by clicking on the timer dropdown anywhere in the app (recent Feature Friday).

Fix – Corrected circumstances in PO’s that would prevent you from Saving Descriptions on line items.

Fix – Corrected instances of the Tech that created a ticket not showing in the Change History

Fix/QoL – Tuned the behavior when click ‘Receive All’ on a PO to make it more clear a job is processing to reduce fast clicking and processing multiple receive requests.

Fix – A rare but onerous case of a 404 when cloning reports on /report_schedules.

If you’re still reading, thank you for your time. This is just a small snapshot of things we have been doing over the last month. We have super cool updates coming to Appointments and Ticket Dashboards (shout out to Ryan!) that I can’t wait to share with everyone soon.

– Bobby and the RepairShopr Team