RepairShopr Features

We are here to help your repair business.

Need seamless integration between tickets, CRM, and invoicing?

Wish your backoffice tools integrated with marketing to drive growth?

RepairShopr is the answer!

Customers and CRM

With powerful customer management and search you have your entire database instantly available from anywhere. We added the important parts of a CRM and left out all the confusing stuff so your team will ramp up quickly and get to work.

  • CRM with multiple contacts, notes fields, and more
  • Estimates, Invoices, and Tickets all in the same place
  • Email and SMS integrated for easy communication
  • Referral source tracking and reporting
  • Summary billing statements
  • Barcode labels auto-print on creation
  • Manage and track customer credits
  • Contact history for emailed invoices and marketing
  • Stored credit cards for easy billing
  • PBX/Phone system integration for call tracking

Customers Web Portal

Your customers will feel safer and more confident with the ability to check status, see invoice history, and preview and approve/decline estimates all from a portal they can access with just a click from all the emails you send them. The portal can be translated to any language for you international users.

  • Web access customer portal via login or email link
  • Give customers access to complete account history
  • Easy invoice and payment tracking for business clients
  • Download Invoice and Ticket PDFs

Customer Map

Another example of our powerful data analytics tools is the customer map – quickly visualize your data to gain insights that may have been impossible to determine without using a full integrated back office tool like RepairShopr.

  • Google maps automatically maps customers
  • Quickly analyze your geographic distribution

Ticket List for Easy Job Management

The heart and soul of a repair shop is the ticketing system – and we know it. Your tickets will show you exactly what you need, when you need it, from any device including cell phones on the go. The super light weight workflows will gently prompt you to the next task without getting in your way or slowing you down.

  • Organize by status, problem type, customer
  • Filter by assigned tech and current ticket status
  • Track by created date or due date
  • Color coding for quick view of last updates

Heads-up In-Shop Ticket Display

The all new Ticket Dashboard will help you avoid those frustrated customer calls because someone hasn’t heard from you, and you’ll never have to worry about your team working on the wrong thing because of convenient (and customizable) color coding keeps the urgent stuff on the top of the list and standing out!

  • Designed for large screen TV or monitor
  • Automatically refreshes to keep job statuses current
  • At-a-glance view lets techs easily prioritize jobs
  • Quickly see ticket quantity and status breakdown

Track Progress on Tickets

Powerful ticket tracker that is designed for your business keeps you on track and customers updated.

  • Ticket Progress Bar provides simple workflow
  • Update ticket status with log notes in a single step
  • Inbound and outbound email / SMS integration
  • Send updates automatically or keep notes private
  • Canned messages save retyping common notes
  • Create your own custom ticket fields
  • Track time on tickets with built-in timer
  • Parts orders automatically link to tickets for tracking
  • Add other charges to tickets as you go
  • Ticket charges convert to invoices with a single click

Attach Images and Files to Tickets

Modern file attachment tech with drag and drop, webcam capture, DropBox integration, and mobile (cell phone/tablet) uploads is an example of how your tooling staying modern makes your life easier.

  • Pull in documents from multiple integrated platforms
  • Attach pictures from your webcam or even phone

Create Custom Intake Form with Your Shop Terms

Many areas of RepairShopr allows for a digital signature with multiple input devices supported – you will always be able to remind a customer of what happened and when. With easy signatures via phone/tablet, touch screens, or USB signature capture devices!

  • Automatically fits into new ticket workflow
  • Have customers sign digitally or on paper

Complete Invoicing Module

Invoicing system with all the power a repair business or retail store will need.

  • Scan line items from barcode labels
  • Digital signatures for touch screen set ups
  • Recurring Invoicing for business contracts
  • Email, SMS and Snail Mail Invoices to customers
  • Payment links in invoice emails
  • Scan serial numbers to invoices for warranty tracking
  • Customizable payment types
  • Cart and deposit system for smooth checkout

Estimates for Quoting Jobs

Most repair shops have the need to send a Quote/Estimate from time to time – we’ve got you covered. Customers can click in an email to approve or decline work and you get instantly notified!

  • Link estimates to ticket
  • Build customer estimates from inventory
  • Email estimate PDF for customer approval
  • Convert Estimates to Invoice in one click

Robust Inventory System

Inventory that was rebuilt from the ground up in 2015 to support the most advanced workflows including; batch tracking, RMA and return tracking, rework tracking, tons more. If a job comes back (even years later) you’ll have the ability to pull up the exact Purchase Order that product was bought from, so you can determine the vendor and all the product instance attributes.

  • Track stock levels and receive reorder reminders
  • Barcode labels for single or full inventory list
  • Easy CSV import / export for bulk updates
  • Cost averaging for variable price items
  • Change history for tracking employee updates
  • Track cost, retail, and wholesale pricing
  • Specify taxed and non-taxed items
  • Attach warranties to inventory items
  • Customizable product categories with reporting
  • Vender and PO system

Point of Sale (POS) Linked Directly to Inventory

Our Point of Sale (POS) system will help you run a simple retail shop, or a chain of high volume stores – with all the necessary reporting.

  • Ring out walk in customers quickly and easily
  • Scan barcodes or select items with large buttons
  • Fully integrated with reporting module
  • Automatically calculate change
  • Manage multiple cash registers
  • One-click employee change without login / logout

Track Parts Orders from Ticket to Arrival to Invoicing

Many repair shops need to custom order one-off items to complete a job that you don’t have or want in your inventory system. We call these “Parts Orders” and they are a first class citizen in RepairShopr. Track random purchases, attach them to a ticket, automatically have them create a charge when the Ticket gets invoiced, we have you covered.

  • Track status from order date to delivery
  • Notify a "parts purchaser" on your team

Fully Integrated Marketing to Grow Your Business

We were first to market with the simple concept that the software you input your customers into is the right place to be automatically staying in touch with your customers. Most of our users tell us this tool continues to bring them new business and that Marketr alone is more than paying for the cost of the software.

  • Marketr sends automated customer follow ups
  • Enable 14-day and 90-day follow ups with one click
  • Build custom campaigns for sales and promotions
  • Auto-email on virus and warranty renewals
  • Target customer groups through custom built lists
  • Automatically pull in social media links

RepairShopr App Center Integrations

One of our specialties is integrating to third party apps and tools. We enjoy and continue to add integrations all the time, even for niche industry software like d7 and RepairTech, Toggl, Max Focus, TeamViewer, and tons more.

  • Your platform for integrating all your repair shop tools
  • Quickbooks links to customers, invoices, & payments
  • d7/dss reports & heartbeats integrate with customers
  • RepairTech reports link to tickets for quick access
  • Stripe, PayPal, and online payments
  • Google Calendar two-way syncing for field jobs
  • Google Cloud Print for effortless print job routing
  • New integrations being added all the time

Leads Module Embeds Right in Your Website

Now your website can have powerful customizable wizards that ask your customer for information about their issue and you get notified instantly with nice structured data that tells you where it came from. Put a wizard on your website that asks about their device, and you can get a message in Slack/Email/SMS/etc that tells you immediately when the lead is created so you can win that job quickly.

  • Seamless flow increases business from web traffic
  • Customers create tickets right from your website
  • One-click conversion to Customer and Ticket
  • Auto-matching to existing customer database
  • Inbound emails can also be parsed into Leads module
  • Plus in-store kiosk for quick customer self-check-in

Field Jobs

Field Service is an important aspect of many repair businesses and we have calendar integrations with Gmail and Office365 to keep your team on the same page and never missing an appointment.

  • Introduce techs to customers with picture and bio
  • Two-way Google calendar sync for scheduling jobs

Customizable Template System

Our template system gives you 100% control with ease of editing our HTML based PDF templates. You can easily add tags of available data to show up anywhere you want, and even have your web developer create you completely branded PDF templates to go with any look you desire.

  • Professional looking Invoices, Estimates, and Tickets
  • Add shop terms and disclaimers in minutes
  • HTML tag system to create your own layouts
  • Edit emails to guarantee correct tone in messages

Full Reporting Module

Our reporting module has unparalleled power due to the nature of our fully integrated software. Because your Ticketing/Invoicing/CRM/Inventory are all in one place, we can give you insight that crosses all these areas. Plus, check out our premium business intelligence addon in the App Center – Domo.

  • Sales, Inventory, Customer, and Ticket Reports
  • Reporting features are regularly updated 



We have thousands of users from all over the world and are happy to continue adding regions. We support currency symbols, SMS, and even languages (customer portal only) for many countries.

  • International currency and cash denomination support
  • Worldwide SMS support
  • Tax inclusive pricing with VAT invoice support
  • Localized dates and spellings ("cheque" vs "check")

Manage Multiple Locations with a Single Account

Our Big Chain plan supports your growth by allowing a single account to run multiple stores, and give admins visibility into a single store or the whole set of locations.

  • Multi-location support for unlimited locations
  • Location-based and consolidated reporting
  • Set location access by user
  • Template creates documents based on location

What Else?

Once you try us out you’ll notice the difference – with software that feels like it was designed just for you.

  • More than we can describe here! But to name a few...
  • Custom domain support for app and customer portal
  • Time clock for tracking employee hours
  • Quickly start for new customers, tickets, and invoices
  • Onboarding Checklist: Be up and running in minutes!
  • Live updated shop summary statistics on home page
  • Admin and tech user permission levels
  • Highly customizable admin settings

With more features being added all the time…