Cell Phone Repair Shop Software

We are here to help your cell phone repair store.

Cell Phone Repair Shop Tracking + POS + Marketing . . . All-In-One with RepairShopr!

Increase efficiency. Grow your customer base. RepairShopr combines quick check in, intuitive repair and sales workflows, and marketing.

Customized Check In 

  • Check in flow eliminates time consuming data entry
  • Quickly enter devices and IMEI numbers

Customer Purchases

Integrated Marketing

  • Automated customer follow ups create new jobs
  • Embed the leads widget directly into your website

NewGrow Revenue by Setting Up a Mail-in Repair Flow

Use our step-by-step guide and learn how to build a complete system to handle mail-in repairs

  • Modernize and future proof your repair business for a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on remote services
  • Help your customers continue to recieve services and device repairs, while helping them stay safe with social distancing.
  • Keep generating sales and repair jobs for your business to counteract the possible loss of foot traffic to your shop.
  • Take advantage of our newest shipping integrations: ShipStation and ShipRush.

Set Up Your Mail-in Repair Flow in Just One Hour:

Custom Check-In module video

What is RepairShopr?

RepairShopr is an all-in-one platform for running your cell phone shop

  • POS integrates with ticket system for tracking devices and repairs
  • Communicate with customers via email or SMS directly through the system
  • Intake forms, labels, customizable checklists, and invoicing all included
  • Leads module lets customers start repairs via in-store kiosk or your website
  • Marketr module follow ups to drive word of mouth and generate new jobs

Get Started

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Cell Phone Repair Leads Right From Your Website

  • Embed a leads widget right in your website
  • Customers can choose the specifics for their device
  • Details flow directly into RepairShopr's Leads module
  • Quick conversion to customers and tickets

Customer Guided Through Flow

  • Find out exactly what your customers need
  • Contact details flow directly into system

Leads Show Up in System Ready to Convert to Tickets

  • Leads checked against customer database
  • Job details automatically added to ticket

With more features being added all the time…