Customer Testimonials

Hear from some of our happy customers about their experiences with RepairShopr!

RepairShopr Customer Testimonials

Thousands of businesses rely on RepairShopr, and their happiness is our top priority.

Just a few of the thousands of successful RepairShopr businesses…

“The management software has everything we need to streamline our store from purchase orders, inventory management, check-in/check-out, managing employees, and everything in between. Features are robust and branding can be customized to give customers a great experience while in your store…Constantly updated with new features and development. Couldn’t run our shop without it.”
– Mark Mates, Gadget Mates

[RepairShopr offers] the ability to reliably scale and grow the business without a drop in service or quality delivery to our customers.” 
– Peter Hopkinson, Nu-Ink Refills

“You are a company that I would call “Alive!” there are people that I can talk to you are doing awesome things like feature Fridays, there are improvements made all the time. I have recommended you to quite a few people looking for a new software!” 
– Linden Lantz, Bandwagon Music & Repair  

“The software is perfect for a small organization but can be scaled to multiple locations. It’s like having another person on staff. Additionally, in our industry, we need to be able to show traceability throughout the inventory item life cycle in our system. This allows us to do this by giving each stock item a unique ID.”
– Grant Wallace, AEROTECHNIQUE

“Repairshopr is one of the best investments we have made. It allows you to consolidate your tickets in a 1 stop shop all while being able to manage inventory, update customers, and invoices. Repairshopr gives a much more modernized feel while maintaining an easy-to-use UI than some of our previous solutions.” 
– Jason Arnot, Outlet PC

“RepairShopr enables more of our business functionality than any other single platform we’re aware of… they’re adding and refining constantly, and their support is very responsive and helpful.” 
– Taran Ramage, TechCollective

If you do repairs and you haven’t tried RepairShopr you owe it to yourself to take it for a test drive. It will make your life so much easier and improve your client relationships immensely.”
– Sean Loewen, ProTech IT

“I have been using RepairShopr for almost 2 years now and it just keeps getting better. It makes managing all of my employees, work orders and customers a breeze. I highly recommend this product!”
– Ted Harvey, BlueHelix Technology

I would HIGHLY recommend RepairShopr for really anyone. It’s like a PSA without all the added junk and complexity. You’re pretty much ready to go out of the box. Have to give it a try!”
– Justin Walling, Performance Imaging Group

We were looking for a streamlined way to run our phone / computer repair store and get away from manual old school ways and eliminate the paper ticket trails we created. RepairShopr worked like a dream and brought us into the modern era!”
– Ken Shipley, Huntsville TECHS

Switched from another CMS to RepairShopr almost 2 years ago. The support is fantastic, the product just keeps getting better, and customers are impressed with my shop because RepairShopr works so well.”
– Nathan Irvine, EliteMacTechs LLC

“RepairShopr does everything we could possibly want it to, it’s a complete solution and we are tremendously happy with it. Its cut down our lead processing from 20 minutes to less than 5, which alone saves us 25 hours a month…This software has transformed our business.”
– Will Woodhouse, MacAssist

“I have been struggling for a long time as a small business supporting small business’s in my area to find that one piece of software that would help me run my computer consulting company efficiently and cost effectively – RepairShopr does it all for me. I would recommend this software to any small business in a heartbeat.”
– Rory Dakin, ComputersDOTCalm

With very little effort our part, RepairShopr transformed our onsite computer repair business. Paperwork, job tracking and CRM are now consolidated in one easy to use location. The Marketr component easily generates enough return business to cover the monthly cost.”
– Dave Recker, Foothills Computer Service

“We utilize RepairShopr in our business and would not be as successful without it. It streamlines communication, billing, and facilitates workflows that are very beneficial to our internal processes. RepairShopr is the best software out there hands down and allows integration with many useful 3rd party applications.”
– Rob Nebel, Intellisource Technologies

We have been using RepairShopr for our computer service business for some time now and have been totally satisfied. We love the simple integration with our accounting software, Quick Books Online, so we don’t have any double entry of information. RepairShopr is most definitely a 21st century service management solution for 21st century businesses.”
– Joel Mann, Mann Technologies, Inc.

“We have a IT Business and we have 2 locations with in shop repair. We are also an MSP that takes care of 100 plus businesses in our area. Repairshopr has been the best decision we had ever made. And the support is top notch! They are always adding new features and listening to their customers needs. I would highly recommend using their software. It’s worth every penny you spend on it!”
– Jason Miller, Unbound Digital

“RepairShopr is a breath of fresh air. The UI makes sense, the price is reasonable, it’s fast, and it covers everything we need. I was hesitant to switch to using it for Invoicing vs. Quickbooks at first, but was swayed by the integration; we ended up using RepairShopr for all invoicing and payments, QB just gets receipts as deposits, since our lives are now inside RepairShopr and we couldn’t be happier.”
– Michael Miller, Out of Jam Solutions