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Windows Agent: – 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 – 2/22/23


  • Added pin a ticket comment
  • Added ticket type as a ticket automation action
  • Resolved issue with comment emails failing to send because of dark mode
  • Resolved issue with ticket replies not appearing under ticket communications
  • Resolved issue with three emails sending when a ticket is created via customer email
  • Updated ticket email tag {{ticket_public_comments_for_email}} to use customer names instead of the update type for the rendered comment table


  • Updated new subscription and update payment pages to include ACH Billing entry
  • Added “Payments by GoCardless. Read the GoCardless privacy notice” to page with ACH visible
  • Added “ACH” to GoCardless Verbiage
  • Increased Xero import stability

Stock management

  • Resolved issue with Stock Take List finalizing the quantity at “0” when multiple instances are entered using a barcode scanner

Product inventory

  • Resolved error with ad-hoc bundle miscalculating totals when product quantities aren’t whole numbers


  • Resolved issue where product search erroneously pulls disabled items when using the enter key


  • Resolved issue where Customer Detail new drop down has “Invoice” & “Customer Purchase” incorrectly highlighted


  • Resolved issue where pressing enter inside canned response wasn’t producing expected cursor placement
  • Resolved issue purchased stamps weren’t applying to account