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Windows Agent: – 3/10/24 | Mac Agent: 1.13.572 – 3/22/23


  • Resolved issue with recurring tickets not auto-associating specified assets to generated tickets
  • Resolved issue with “Create ticket” button creating duplicate tickets if clicked more than once
  • Resolved issue with Ticket Index page switching incorrectly to the default ticket view when a filter is manually changed
  • Resolved issue with the {{ticket_custom_fields}} tag in the Ticket Label template displaying HTML
  • Resolved issue with ticket views that cannot be modified appearing to be editable
  • Updated timeclock punch to require no security permissions for non-admins


  • Resolved 500 error when searching customers in QuickBooks external mapping page
  • Resolved issue with blank space following customer name in Invoice Tab causing format issues


  • Added BYO SMTP Microsoft OAuth2 support

Customer management

  • Resolved issue with contact titles disappearing from the contact page
  • Resolved pagination style issue with customer contacts

Asset management

  • Resolved Ampersand “&” Not Displaying Correctly on Asset Label template as well as label prints


  • Added Admin sidebar to Mailboxes pages
  • Changed “In Use” column name to “Enabled” on SMTP index page
  • Resolved communication log linking to a ticket number that is the same as the invoice number
  • Resolved issue with email replies sent from a merged ticket creating a new lead/ticket unexpectedly
  • Resolved issue with rich text emails with copy/pasted text including the light/dark mode backgrounds behind the pasted text
  • Resolved issue with Communications tab invoice email linking to incorrect ticket


  • Resolved issue with inventory not returning when deleting ad-hoc bundle


  • Added full support for Microsoft Core fonts in customizable PDF Templates