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Windows Agent: – 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 – 2/22/23


  • Resolved issue with customers receiving two autoresponders after submitting a ticket via email
  • Resolved issue where there was no clear method of un-assigning a ticket view as a default
  • Resolved issue with ticket communications duplicating in some tickets every 3 hours
  • Resolved issue where the copy/paste on Rich Text tickets jumps the cursor to the bottom of the window
  • Resolved issue where ticket creation email was sent even though Initial Issue was turned off
  • Resolved issue where copy/pasting a clickable URL in angle brackets with Rich Text on removes the URL


  • Resolved issue where new Serialized Product wasn’t Auto Syncing to QBO unless Product name was changed
  • Resolved issue with Invoice Index where clicking “#” to sort by Invoice number didn’t work
  • Resolved issue where HTML is preserved in comments export CSV, making it difficult to read
  • Resolved issue with Safari browser when Rich Text is enabled, text will jump unexpectedly when hitting return from the first line to second


  • Resolved issue where Daily Invoices Report was no longer included total column after CSV update
  • Resolved 504 error when running the Inventory Changes Report.


  • Resolved issue where searching a contact while already on a contact page will refresh without navigating to the proper contact


  • Resolved issue where Dropbox refresh token is invalid
  • Hid ability for users to add more Dejavoo devices
  • Resolved issue with “What`s this?” button on sign in page not working when MFA is enabled
  • Resolved issue where “All Day” Appointment that spans two days shows up as three days in Calendar