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Hey RepairShoprs,

We’ve been working closely with repair shops in the RepairShopr community to make sure we are shipping useful and actionable features and content to help you combat the impact of Coronavirus. Check out the list below of everything we’ve shipped over the past few weeks.

Bring Your Own SMTP Public Beta

You can now use your own hosted and managed mail server setup instead of the one offered by default in RepairShopr. This greatly improves your amount of control over outbound email delivery.

Duplicate Recurring Invoices

You can now duplicate recurring invoices, making it quick and easy to clone the setup for one Customer’s recurring invoice to another Customer.

Customer Experience Updates to Device Repair Widget

We’ve made some great visual improvements to the device repair widget. We’ve updated the device icons and images, updated the progress bar to be clearer, and cleaned up various aesthetics within the flow overall.

Added MFA to the Customer Portal

You can now require Multi-Factor Authentication for Users in the Customer Portal. This can be done on a per-portal User basis. Click the link below to learn more and watch a video on how you can implement this today.

Contact Notification Preferences Updates

We’ve developed a few user-requested updates to the way Contacts and Customers are notified of Ticket Communications, billing, and marketing emails. Read on for the full details.

Marketr Templates to Check-In with Customers

We released a few pre-made Marketr templates to all RepairShopr accounts that can be used to contact Customers to check-in and see how things are going/if they need help.

Community Resource for Answering “Is my Repair Shop an Essential Business?”

We’ve noticed lots of people asking if their repair shop counts as an “Essential Business” and therefore can stay open to help customers adapt to Coronavirus. This varies based on country, state, city, etc. and it can be difficult to sift through all the information. We decided to create a Google Spreadsheet where the repair Community as a whole can crowdsource that information!

SBA Paycheck Protection Program

For businesses in the U.S., the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program launches today. This program – part of the CARES Act – promises $350 Billion to small businesses affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

US Cares Act Info and Resources

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which was passed and signed into law last week, provides massive new programs and initiatives to assist U.S. businesses impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Click the link for further info and resources to help you understand how the CARES Act can help your business.

Video Series on What to Implement in RepairShopr to Adapt to Coronavirus

Check out our series of videos covering RepairShopr features you can implement today in order to help you and your Customers combat

We’re here to support you.

-The RepairShopr Team