Community Resource for Answering “Is my Repair Shop an Essential Business?” During Novel Coronavirus Shutdowns

Mar 26
By chelsea
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Hey RepairShoprs,

We’ve noticed lots of people asking if their repair shop counts as an “Essential Business” and therefore can stay open to help customers adapt to Coronavirus. 

This varies based on country, state, city, etc. and it can be difficult to sift through all the information.

We decided to create a Google Spreadsheet where the repair Community as a whole can crowdsource that information!

Although we started the sheet, it’s really intended for anyone to utilize and add to in order to help repair shops all over the world figure out how this applies to their business. 

Please update and share it with anyone it can benefit! We hope it’s helpful.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community "Essential Business" Resource (Repair Shops)

Stay safe,
The RepairShopr Team

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