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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Wednesday!

We’ve been talking to repair shops about the challenges they’re facing as everyone adjusts to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation. 

One of the things we keep hearing is that people need an easy, plug-and-play way to reach out to their Customers to check-in and see how things are going and if they need any help.

Today, we released a few pre-made Marketr templates to all RepairShopr accounts that can be used to contact Customers.

You can modify them to fit your needs, or just send them out with the default content we’ve created for you. Simply head to the Marketr module within your RepairShopr account to locate, edit and enable the new templates:

To learn more about the power of using Marketr, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Hopefully these templates help you contact your Customers while you’re busy doing other work. Stay safe and let us know how else we can help your business during this time by emailing

– The RepairShopr Team