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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re sharing a few user-requested updates to the way Contacts and Customers are notified of Ticket Communications, billing and marketing emails.

Now, you can individually pick and choose which Contacts should receive billing emails as well as marketing emails by using the new fields provided within the “Contacts” tab of a Customer record. You’ll no longer need to worry about who gets notified and when or have to remember to CC specific people.

We’ve also added a new field to Contact records called “Direct Report.” This can be used when you want to elect a manager for a particular Contact. The person you select will be automatically cc’d on all Ticket Communications to and from this Contact. If you have a Direct Report that oversees multiple Contacts, you can assign them to as many Contacts as needed.

Watch our video here to see this update in action:


To learn more about Contacts within Customers, check out our Knowledge Base article here. Enjoy 🙂