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Hey RepairShoprs,

New features, updates, and bug fixes – oh my! Take a look at the summary below to check out what we’ve shipped over the last couple of months. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Customer Portal: You now have the option to trigger your RepairShopr account to automatically generate and send an email receipt to Customers who pay you through the Customer Portal! Find out more
  2. Assets: We’ve added the ability for you to merge Assets! Learn more
  3. Assets: You can now sort your Asset table by Customer, Contact, Site/Address, and Asset Type, in addition to Name which we launched a few weeks ago.
  4. Tickets: When a user on your account is CC’d on a Ticket Communication, their email address will now appear in bold, with a small icon next to it where listed within the “Ticket Info” section of the Ticket Details page to make it easier to distinguish from Customer replies. More info
  5. Tickets: You can now add
    sorting by column and by direction to your Ticket Saved Searches, allowing you and your team to be more granular with what you’d like the Ticket table information to contain while using saved searches.
  6. Tickets: You can now use Ticket, Customer, Asset and some newly added template tags to customize the Ticket Charge description text within Ticket and Invoice line items.
  7. Tickets: Tickets with an Assigned Contact will now create Appointments with the Contact’s name instead of the Customer’s name.
  8. Tickets: We moved Ticket Custom Fields to the right side of the Ticket Details page, and made this section collapsible (like the other sections on this page) so they are easier to find/use.
  9. Ticket Timers: You can now run multiple Ticket Timers at once! Learn more
  10. Invoices: You can now schedule recurring Invoices to send at the end of each calendar month automatically, as well as send Invoice statements in bulk to Customers with open balances. More information on how to accomplish these two items can be found
  11. Invoices: When creating a new Recurring Invoice or editing an existing one, you can now choose to add a new line item as a “One Time Charge.” See this in action
  12. Invoices: We’ve updated Recurring Invoice functionality so that credit card information is stored properly if you switch payment services.
  13. Contacts: Contact Primary Addresses are now linked to Google Maps, functioning the same way that Primary Addresses do for Customers (so long as the address is a valid one)! Learn more
  14. Contacts: We added search to the Contacts page. Learn more
  15. Contacts: We added a drop-down menu to the address area of the Contact creator and editor pages which contains a list of the Customer account addresses for you to choose from when adding an address to a Contact. Find out more
  16. Customers: We added
    Custom Fields to the Customer Quick View Modal.
  17. Customers: Customers will now have a Communication Log entry automatically created if a late fee was added to their invoice.
  18. Customers: Payment Terms are now visible from the Customer Details page and the Customer’s Quick View Modal!
  19. Inventory: We’ve made several updates to the Inventory module, specifically with Stock Takes and Returns. More information can be found on this
  20. Inventory: You can now mark Parts as received directly from the Parts list!
  21. Caller ID Popup: When a call comes in prompting the caller id popup, it now will show a link to an open Ticket assigned to the Customer associated with the call’s phone number.
  22. Outlook: Appointment reminders now default to 60 minutes prior to the appointment instead of 15 minutes.
  23. WooCommerce Integration: We added a button to let you update product descriptions in WooCommerce according to your current product descriptions in RepairShopr, in the event that your descriptions ever wind up out of sync. Find it on the settings page for WooCommerce!
  24. Customers: Email rules will now get processed before the system attempts to search for the Customer, so if the Customer is already in the system the email rule won’t be ignored.
  25. Bug Fix: Ticket dashboard and other places that show relative dates should round properly now, instead of showing very long decimal numbers.
  26. Bug Fix: All unread emails can now be easily cleared from the Customer, Invoice and Estimate list pages.
  27. Bug Fix: Google will now autofill addresses when editing or creating a new customer in the New UI.
  28. Bug Fix: Tax-free prices on taxable items when manually exempted should be correct now.
  29. Bug Fix: Tickets with Contacts will now select the appropriate Contact address.