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Hey there,

Over the last three weeks, we’ve been able to bash a ton of bugs and bring you some exciting new stuff! Take a look at the list below, and stay tuned for more updates soon.

  1. Custom Ticket Workflows: Now you can design your own workflows for creating Tickets! You can create a single-page form for Tickets, Customers, and other items to be completed all at once. You can even set a workflow as ‘default’ and use it instead of our generic Ticket workflow. Find out more in our Feature Friday post

    Custom Ticket Workflows

  2. Xero Integration: RepairShopr Purchase Orders now sync with Xero! Find out more in our Feature Friday post

    Xero POs

  3. Custom Widgets: Now, in Custom Widgets, you can define the minimum notice field for Appointments, and it can be different on each widget instead of just using the account default.

    Define the minimum notice field for Appointments

  4. Custom Widgets: In the Customer Detail step of a Custom Widget Flow you can now choose whether to hide or show the mobile number field.

    Hide or show mobile number in custom widget flow

  5. Beta UI: We have added the address auto-complete back into Customers (new) within the Beta User Interface.

    Address Auto-Complete

  6. Tickets: You can now adjust the quantities in Ticket Charges for non-maintain-stock items!
  7. Parts: You can now associate a Part with a different Ticket within the Parts module.
  8. API: We now support adding and/or deleting photos from Products.
  9. API: We’ve fixed Estimates barcode scanning via our mobile apps.
  10. Misc: Infrastructure reliability improvements – ongoing and improving!
  11. Bug Fix: Notification Center emails no longer lose paragraph spacing.
  12. Bug Fix: Encrypted fields now update properly.
  13. Bug Fix: We added Mobile phone numbers to Ticket Workflows.
  14. Bug Fix: Phone numbers entered via Ticket Workflows now display properly.
  15. Bug Fix: Ticket Workflows now respect the “Do Not Email” settings.
  16. Bug Fix: Expected Date can be added/modified on existing Purchase Orders.
  17. Bug Fix: Invoice CSV Export now displays properly if launched directly.
  18. Bug Fix: Appointment emails now BCC the techs so these aren’t customer-facing.
  19. Bug Fix: Leads now pass attachments to Tickets.
  20. Bug Fix: Moving serial numbers between products now updates the quantities properly on big chain accounts.
  21. Bug Fix: To sort Tickets so that “Last Update” is first, you can now just click once.
  22. Bug Fix: Disabled items won’t show up on the stocktake lists.
  23. Bug Fix: Deposit line items in Ticket charges can’t be modified once the Deposit has been paid.