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Hey RepairShoprs,

Over the last month or so, we added some brand new stuff to RepairShopr, made major updates to existing features and integrations, and went about our usual bug-crushing business πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy!

  1. Zapier Integration: We made some major enhancements to our Zapier integration. You can now search and update Tickets! Find out more here.Zapier
  2. Outtake Form: Similar to the Intake Form, we created an Outtake Form in order to review information with and collect a signature from a Customer when a job is complete. Find out more here.outtake form
  3. Tickets: You can now hover over the total in the Ticket Charges area to see the profit margins.Ticket Profit Margins
  4. Refund Invoice: You can now refund a partially paid Invoice!Partial Invoice Refund
  5. Search all the Things: Optimized Search all the things for more reliable results, especially in the case of degraded performance. Example: Improved Customer/Lead search by first/last name.
  6. Search all the Things: Made searches more efficient. If you combine more than 4 terms, search will match a single attribute instead of several.
  7. Search all the Things: Customer searches will now show you a warning message if we have a problem getting your results, and allow you to try the CSV export anyway.
  8. Search all the things: Payment sync searching has been updated. Now the search results will reflect the sync status of the payment applications. If a payment has applications that failed to sync and applications that synced properly, the payment will show up whether you search for synced or not synced.
  9. Ticket Sort: We updated the Ticket sort-by-customer to an alphabetical sort-by-customer display name – no more seemingly random Customer sort!
  10. Appointments: Appointments got numerous small enhancements: We added links to different views on appointment list/calendar pages, added Location Type to the edit page, re-organized the detail page a bit, and added creator to the detail/edit page.
  11. Big Chain User Update: Now Big Chain plan users can see serial numbers on the packing slip for Inventory transfers.
  12. International Users: For users outside the US, we’ve updated the column header on the Daily Invoices Report to show that cost is assumed to be tax-inclusive.
  13. Leads/Inbound Emails Phone Number Matching: We added this setting to let you control whether to use phone numbers to match new Leads to existing Customers. Check out our Knowledge Base article on thisΒ here.
  14. Appointment Booking: Now you can set the desired “buffer time” before the first appointment can be booked from 0 to β€œx” minutes from now.
  15. Customer Detail Report: We added a PDF button to the Customer Detail Report.
  16. Reports: Moved “Import Results” link to top of Customers sub-section.
  17. Localized Time: Localized time formats on the Calendar page and other Date Time pickers.
  18. API: Added barcode scanning for the mobile apps Estimates module.
  19. REST API: Now supports adding/deleting product photos.
  20. New Locale: Vanuatu, welcome!
  21. Bug Fix: Ticket timer start/stop buttons will now always be visible, next to the view log button!
  22. Bug Fix: We changed “Close Ticket” to “Resolve Ticket” on the Handle Related Payment page to reduce confusion.