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AMA on Reddit..

If you’re interested in asking questions, we’re over on reddit talking to people about feedback. If you have any questions definitely let us know!    

We are warming up..

We have been working day and night to get this website ready, nail down the pricing, and really test the signup and import processes to be sure it will be easy for YOU to get rolling. Hopefully if you get some spam from us you’ll give us the benefit of the doubt...

Cool Integrations outlined

We went above and beyond in the integration department to have some fun with this site. Here is an outline of some of the integrations we built and how you get to put them to work for you. 1. PBX Caller ID Lookup Source Supports: Trixbox/FreePBX/PIAF/more We have an...

Hello Repair Shops!

Welcome to RepairShopr – we’ve been running a computer repair shop via this web-based system for a few years now and wanted to open it up to the public. Get ready, here it comes! This is the start of the site to explain all about it, and I would like to...