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Merry Christmas! New features for the week of Christmas :)

Hey there – short post this time, we did a lot of maintenance work – but added a couple little features. Now there is advanced customer segmentation for the email marketing module! You can make a list of your customers filtered by things like; Customer...

Uptime monitoring

We have been tracking our availability for a little while now using pingdom, it has a page we made publicly available to see how we are doing. Enjoy!

New Feature – Assign a ticket to a tech

We left this out for a long time, and nobody said anything for a long time – but it makes sense to be an available feature. We left it off by default because if you don’t need the feature – you don’t want it showing on the page and cluttering...

HowTo a look at the new POS module

The new POS module is really straight forward if you’ve used the app even a little bit.  It has large buttons based on your inventory, it creates a transaction in moments.