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Last night, hours before the New York ball dropped for 2013 – I deployed a beta of my personal favorite feature I’ve built so far – Google Cloud Print integration.

You can enable Google Cloud Print via Chrome to share your printers via google cloud print – then you can use any of those printers, over the internet, to print anything out of RepairShopr automatically!

Example workflow;

At checkin, auto-print 2 copies of the ticket at the front counter, and print a customer address label to the dymo. Print 2 if a laptop came with a power cord.
At ‘payment’ – auto-print 1 receipt to the POS thermal printer (activating the cash drawer!)
Print an additional receipt and invoice to the Finance persons printer, even at another location
This is a simple setup – but will hopefully be a fun workflow improvement for everyone 🙂

Let me know how YOU want to use this feature, or what else you think it needs!