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Stay tuned for news and updates

Hey everyone – thanks to all the people that have been signing up, especially from Europe – you are making us globalize the app a little bit 🙂

Just added;

  • Currency support for many countries, we added some generic support for about 50 locales
  • 7 bug fixes to; Payment form, logo format, SMS crashes, and a couple to the settings screens

Up coming;

  • Google Calendar integration – it’s almost ready!
  • Tasks – give staff  a task list that stays out of the way, but gives some helpful reminders when you need them
  • Please request what you would like to see with the orange feedback link on the side of the site

Also be on the lookout for new youtube videos explaining the thinking behind some of the undocumented features many of you are running in to.  I want to show off the marketing components because that was one of the most helpful things for the business that we can automate.

I’ll email the users when those are ready, have fun!


– Desiree