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Welcome to RepairShopr – we’ve been running a computer repair shop via this web-based system for a few years now and wanted to open it up to the public.

Get ready, here it comes!

This is the start of the site to explain all about it, and I would like to take this opportunity to offer any “early adopters” that want to get in to the product while it’s in a beta stage at *least* 18 months of free usage for up to 10 people.


You don’t have to do anything, just go signup.. We haven’t turned on the billing yet so you can start using it.

There are already repair shops using this IN PRODUCTION, 100% full time, Monday-Saturday, so don’t expect it to go down and not get addressed quickly.  We are going to pride ourselves in both pushing features up to the site frequently and not having the site go down if we can help it.

Be advised, we are hosting on heroku – they go down now and then, if the site isn’t up – check their status page.



Troy Anderson