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Hey RepairShoprs,

Here’s a list of what we’ve released over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

  1. Canned Responses: You can now efficiently organize responses by assigning them to a category, as well as search for them via our new search function or by filtering within the canned responses pop-up window. For more info, check out this post.Canned Response Updates
  2. QuickBooks: Purchase Orders in RepairShopr can now automatically become Bills in QuickBooks Online. More information here.

    QuickBooks Bills created from RS Purchase Orders

  3. Xero: You can now create Xero Bills automatically from RepairShopr Purchase Orders. To find out more, visit our Feature Friday post here. This feature is turned on by default for all accounts. Please visit your Xero settings area to turn this function off if you wish to.

    Xero Bills created from RepairShopr purchase orders

  4. Customer Wiki:The Customer Wiki is now a Documentation Center.
      • We’ve added the ability to clone Documentation pages.
      • You can now use template tags in your Documentation pages, making them easier to cloen and use across multiple Customers.
      • You can now assign a page to a certain Customer or all Customers.
      • Find out more here!

        Customer Wiki is now Documentation Center

  5. NinjaRMM: We improved the ability to match Asset types in Ninja if a user renames an Asset type in RepairShopr.
  6. Reminders: We updated the style of Reminders and a few other widgets to be cleaner.
  7. Custom Ticket Workflows: You can now set a default Ticket priority in the Ticket Workflow editor.
  8. Imports: Generate complete log files of import failures so that users know exactly what did not import & why.
  9. Purchase Orders: You can now add shipping costs on PO’s to the cost of the products.
  10. Invoices: Scheduled/Recurring Invoices will now generate around 6:00 am in your local timezone, rather than about 14:00 UTC (6/7:00 am Pacific Time).
  11. Customer Mapping: Added the ability for users to remap Customers in QuickBooks Online and Xero when there are mapping issues.
  12. DOMO: We’ve made some improvements to our DOMO integration, increasing reliability and performance.
  13. Subscription: We changed the One Man Army plan name to “Starter.”
  14. Bug Fix: Store Credit now works as a payment method in the POS.
  15. Bug Fix: Fixed a temporary issue with the Ticket Dashboard.
  16. Bug Fix: We now display the day of the week on the Calendar when in toggled day view.
  17. Bug Fix: We added location to the Product Instances page on Big Chain accounts.
  18. Custom Ticket Workflow Bug Fixes:
      • Due dates entered in a workflow now save properly and are formatted correctly.
      • When we add new features to the Ticket Workflow module, you can use them right away without needing to recreate or reset your existing workflows.
      • Workflows now respect rules about emailing customers upon Ticket creation.
      • You now have access to workflows when starting a new Ticket from a Customer Detail page.
      • You can now add canned messages in the Ticket description on Ticket Workflows.
      • You can now add multiple Assets in Ticket Workflows.
      • You can now add/remove sections on the fly while using workflows.
      • You can now enter mobile phone numbers when using workflows.
      • We’ve hidden disabled Custom Fields.
      • We fixed an odd issue in which account email addresses were getting auto-populated into several sections of workflows.