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Hey RepairShoprs,

Check out the latest feature releases, updates, and bug fixes we’ve been working on in the last month:

  1. POS System: You can now sell an item at its wholesale price directly from the POS system. Check out our Feature Friday post here for more details.
  2. Leads & Tickets: Email history from Leads now auto-adds to Ticket Comments once the Lead has been converted to a Ticket. Check out our Feature Friday post here for more details.
  3. Search all the Things: Wiki pages are now searchable via Search all the Things. Check out our Feature Friday post here for more details.
  4. Customer Portal: We’ve added links to the Customer Portal so that Customers can see which Invoices & Tickets are associated with each other, and easily move between them. Check out our Feature Friday post here for more details.View from Customer Portal:

    View from Ticket Info & Invoice Details sections:

  5. Communication Log: You can now choose “Snail Mail” as an option when manually creating Communication Log entries for Customers & vendors!
  6. Contracts: We’ve added a notification to let you know when a new Contract is created.
  7. Inventory: We’ve added a button for displaying label PDFs on the Inventory page so users can easily print labels for individual items right from the page.
  8. Security Setting: We’ve added a security setting so that you can control whether techs can edit Payments or not.
  9. Customers: We’ve added a notification to let you know when a Customer’s prepay hour balance drops to zero.
  10. Xero: We’ve added an alert at the bottom of page so that Xero users will know if there’s a sync delay.
  11. New Locale: RepairShopr is now available in Seychelles.
  12. Misc: We’ve made it clearer when the quantity of serialized items matches the quantity you specified when creating that line item.
  13. Bug Fix: Ticket charges in Comments will not be saved if the Comment is not saved.
  14. Bug Fix: We improved the phone formatting for certain UK customers.
  15. Bug Fix: We fixed SPIFF totals when line item quantity is modified.
  16. Bug Fix: Estimate emailed Ticket Comment now shows the user name.
  17. Bug Fix: Recurring Invoices created from Invoice page no longer default to “Daily.”
  18. Bug Fix: We’ve fixed the currency formatting for Paraguay.
  19. Bug Fix: Quick searches on Tickets page will no longer include resolved Tickets.
If you have questions or feedback, drop us a note at
– The RepairShopr Team