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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Wednesday!

Today we’re sharing an update to a useful template tag available within RepairShopr. The “{{ticket_public_comments_for_email}}” tag now shows a nicely organized log of all Public Ticket Comments within a Ticket when used in the Ticket Comment email template.

This makes communication with your Customers much easier, as they will now have the proper context to go off of when replying to your email. The comments that appear when using the tag are organized by newest comments at the top.

If you’re an existing RepairShopr user, you’ll want to add this tag to your Ticket Comment email template if you haven’t already.

To check out this update in action, watch our video here:

To learn more about using email templates within RepairShopr, check out our PDF/Email Templates Knowledge Base article.

– The RepairShopr Team