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Hey Everyone! 

It’s Bobby here, hijacking the RepairShopr blog to bring you another Bug Fix Friday post. We recently did a massive bug fix pass with the development team and I wanted to highlight some of the things they worked on. We covered a lot of ground and I won’t be able to fit everything we did here. See Release Notes for more!

Like the last Bug Fix Friday, I am not including account-specific bugs like data issues, but tried to stick with things folks may have run into.

With that out of the way, let’s jump in!

Fixed – Estimate to invoice flow with serialized bundles prompting incorrectly for serial numbers.

Fixed – Moving a parts order to another ticket, does not move the product to the new assigned ticket.

Fixed – Resolved Tickets Report doesn’t filter tickets by location, just gave humongous list.

Fixed – Correct Location Logo not showing up on Receipt.

Fixed – Appointment emails sending to duplicate emails to customers.

Fixed – Some Cases where due date for ticket always changes to American Date Format. Time is hard!

Fixed – Estimates will not email a Customer Contact if the main Customer does not have an email address.

Fixed – Ticket Workflow not saving due date.

Fixed – Stock Take does not update quantity in QuickBooks, causing the inventory counts to be off.

Fixed – Appointment created via Ticket page does not display under Appointment section on Customer Page.

Fixed – A few cases where users are no longer receiving “Ticket is Due Tomorrow” emails.

Fixed – Inventory instances are not removed from Estimate when “Decline estimate older than 30 days” button is pushed.”

Fixed – Labor Log defaults to AM instead of PM when submitting charges after 11 AM. Seriously, time is hard folks!

Fixed – Product instances entered back into inventory when estimate is declined, but are not re-reserved when decline is undone or estimate is approved. (Note: This one is a long story and was specific to a few workflows).

Fixed – Full Vendor Name added to PO instead of only the initials.

Fixed – Appointment reminder email not being sent to assigned customer contact. Instead, email is being sent to the main account contact.

Fixed – Some cases where Recurring invoices were being generated after contract end date.

Fixed – In Sales Tax Report, couldn’t expand “Non-Taxable Line Items” section for a specific tax rate.

Fixed – Ticket charges in dark mode not dark. Now things are much darker.

Fixed – Parse BODY of inbound lead emails for phone numbers is causing duplicate contacts to be created under a customer.

Fixed – Invoice emails triggered in ‘Bulk Actions’ from invoice table ignore Invoice assigned contact email, instead would email primary customer if email present.

Fixed – Recurring Ticket Schedules are hidden in UI if original ticket is deleted, but continue to run in the background. No way to view, update or delete the hidden schedule.

Fixed – Customer portal login for email address is case sensitive.

If you are still reading, thank you for your time! Again, this isn’t even close to the whole list of fixes we implemented and I did not include any account-specific issues. I’ll see you next week with some sweet sweet updates I can finally share 🙂

– Bobby and the RepairShopr Team