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Hey there,

We’ve been working away on some larger updates (stay tuned!) but have recently released a few small enhancements and bug fixes we wanted to share with you:

  1. Estimates now on iOS and Android apps: You can now create, edit, and approve Estimates from the latest version of our mobile apps to get more done while on-the-gp. Update to the latest version of the app (or download the apps if you haven’t already) to see the Estimates button on the home screen.
  2. Draft Estimates:
    You can now make it so that Estimates will be set to “Draft” by default, so that you can prevent customers from viewing their estimate-in-progress until you’re ready to publish it.
  3. Recur integration update:
    When your customers are setting up a Recur subscription on their own, they’ll be asked for their Phone Number and also Referral Information. This info will flow right to the customer that gets created so you have more important info at-the-ready.
  4. Refund improvement:
    We’ve added the ability to make multiple partial refunds on a single invoice.
  5. Reporting:
    We added the Customer Name to the Recurring Tickets Report so that you can more easily find the ticket you’re searching for.
  6. Real-time Stock Takes!
    Stock Takes are now real-time – if you are selling things mid-stock-take, it can properly account for it. (This was done a couple months ago and not mentioned)
  7. Customer Portal:
    Your customers can now view all of their estimates in the Customer Portal, and are not limited to the most recent 10.
  8. Customers:
    Now you can capture ‘Referred By’ information when creating a new Customer from the POS page.
  9. Customers:
    Customer Purchases created from the customer page will default to your current location.
  10. Customers:
    The status of your Customer Purchases now automatically update as you walk through the flow.
  11. Customer Purchases:
    Techs can now edit the location of Customer Purchases – yay! 🙂
  12. Big Chain Tickets:
    We added a Location column to the Tickets page for big-chain users, so that you can see ticket location information when you’re not in a location.
  13. Templates:
    We’ve added new template tags for Shipping Price and Discount Percent so you can display these on your Purchase Order templates.
  14. New Ticket Flow:
    Now you can specify an appointment type/location when creating an appointment as part of the New Ticket flow.
  15. Ticket CSV:
    You can now see more data in the Ticket CSV by adding more custom field columns to the exports.
  16. Product Desc CSV:
    Added a Product Description column to the Purchase Order Export CSV.
  17. Purchase Order CSV:
    We’ve added additional columns to the Purchase Order CSV Export.
  18. Misc PBX:
    The pop-up with the caller information now lasts longer so it’s easier to see who’s calling.
  19. Misc:
    We’ve added PDF & Print buttons to the Refurb Details page so that you can easily print labels once you’ve completed a refurb.
  20. Misc:
    Now you’ll automatically see the mobile field when creating a new customer, if you have “mobile” required.
  21. Misc:
    We added a location column to the list of product serials.
  22. Bug Fix:
    You can now see all your vendors on the Product Detail page.
Let us know what you think!
– RepairShopr team