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Hey there,

Here’s part two of everything that’s new in RepairShopr! We’ll also be profiling some very specific feature releases in the coming days. 

  1. Now you can add Quick Items to the purchase reports on big chain accounts
  2. Invoice bundles use and restock items on big chain accounts
  3. For big chains when you log in to a location, you will see the current location low status.
  4. Added permissions for limiting your users’ ability to send snail mail
  5. REST api ticket endpoint offers pagination instead of a strict limit of data.
  6. Fix bug while canceling a customer-purchase payout and all info wasn’t cleared out
  7. Customer portal now has “Pay Now” for invoices on the main list page

  8. Customer portal mobile optimized a bit more
  9. Main app search driven by permissions for the relevant sections (for instance, if someone doesn’t have access to leads, they won’t see leads in the search results)
  10. Admin stats updated to be more accurate for timezones
  11. Appointments lengths can be changed in 15 minute chunks instead of 30 minute chunks

  12. Scheduled invoices will now show location (big-chain)

  13. Reports will show business name if there is one, like the main customer list page

  14. Customer first/last name now show as blank instead of “(empty)” in templates
  15. Show location in customer purchase report
  16. When New Lead created from API, we now send notifications
  17. Leads email rule auto-assign to tech bug fix
  18. Converting an estimate to an invoice now automatically marks the estimate approved
  19. Customer Detail page stats now visible only to users with “Invoice List / Search” and “Ticket List / Search” permissions
  20. Add sort order column to products index table

  21. Field job tech permission was added so they can only see their own appointments either by creating or being an attendee (they won’t see appointments that they were only the ticket tech that’s associated with the appointment)
  22. Sync customer info to google appointments from customer appointments

  23. Added ‘Paid / Unpaid’ filter to Daily Invoices report

Thanks for all the great feedback — it’s what drives our development!
– The RepairShopr Team