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Hey there,

We shipped a ton of changes in December and January that we didn’t get a chance to share the details on. So this a catch up post!

  1. Add ‘View Payments’ button on invoices/index page
  2. Fix admin ticket stats css
  3. Added historical Z-Reports in Admin > Reports
  4. Auto-hide disabled user in Admin > Users
  5. Added UPC code field when creating PO
  6. New Customer Purchases Report in Admin > Reports
  7. Beta of calculator for tax inclusive / exclusive on inventory items
  8. New Auto-Complete for New Ticket Description to save you typing!
  9. Cloud Print now respects receipt quantities of 2 or more
  10. Estimates added last emailed data
  11. Added support for in Australia
  12. Inventory Valuation Report filters out disabled items
  13. Improved the layout of the Ticket Timer
  14. Updated Tax Report to break out by tax rates
  15. Added {{vat_number}}, {{invoice_user}}, and {{ticket_user}} tags in various templates and {{appointment_end_time}} for appointment email template
  16. New Notification Center triggers for: 1) new appointment booked, 2) new phone call, 3) new RMA