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Stay tuned for news and updates

We’ve shipped a bunch of big updates lately. Here is what’s new!

  1. New notification message feature! This will allow us to let you know when new improvements and features are added
  2. Major Leads updates (see below)
  3. Major Estimates updates (see below)
  4. Now you can email an intake form
  5. Enhanced google calendar sync. Now it is fully two-way.
  6. Ticket “Problem” has been renamed to “Issue” throughout the app
  7. Fixed a handful of user reported issues along with bug fixes and small enhancements
We added a dashboard and statuses. Now you can collaborate a little easier by updating a status, mark them as lost when you want them to move to the completed pile and out of the “inbox”.
We added lots to the Estimates system. Here is a summary;
  1. You can now add custom email messages like on invoices
  2. We added Declined status
  3. You can now have customers Approve or Decline in the portal
  4. There is a new admin dashboard on top of the estimates page
  5. We added a new terms and conditions template to estimates, so it doesn’t borrow from invoices
  6. A new Draft status will hide the estimate from the customer portal
  7. There is a button in Settings -> Estimates to mark all estimates older than 30 days as Declined to clear them out
  8. Status updates flow through to the ticket
  9. More icons and stamp images for the statuses
Thanks for everyone that submitted feedback on our forum!
– The RepairShopr Team