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Hey RepairShoprs — Happy Friday!

Today we have a one-of-a-kind update to share with you. 

We’ve significantly expanded our ShipStation integration and built what we believe to be the strongest shipping integration of any repair shop software out there.

How? With bulk shipping capabilities, automated backend processing within RepairShopr, and allowing customers to pick and pay for shipping fees directly, this integration helps repair shops take the stress out of doing mail-in repairs while saving tons of time.

What makes this new functionality truly unique is the power of shipping out remote repair packages efficiently while automating your backend process within RepairShopr.

With this new update you can:

  1. Modernize and future-proof your repair business by expanding beyond your local customer base.
  2. Eliminate the need for clients to come to your store by having them ship their products directly to you for repair.
  3. Save time with the ShipStation integration by bulk shipping packages and automating your backend process within RepairShopr using automatic ticket comments, ticket status changes and more.
  4. Charge customers for ShipStation shipping automatically through RepairShopr, allowing them to choose their preferred shipping speed/method and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth and double data entry.

For those of you who haven’t taken the leap on spinning up a mail-in repair flow for your business yet, this is a huge new revenue vertical you should now feel more empowered to implement. 

Many repair businesses only see work coming in from their local zip code and maybe the surrounding zip codes, but rarely more than that. Now, you can have the confidence you need to create an automated workflow to take in work from other cities, or even other states, if you get this integration going within your RepairShopr account.

To learn more about this update, check out our video here:

You can also learn more detailed information about this integration in our ShipStation Knowledge Base article. If you have any feedback for us, please be sure to reach out to our team at

– The RepairShopr Team