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Hey RepairShoprs,

As you focus on maintaining the health and success of your business during this challenging time, you might be thinking of ways you can speed up processes to improve efficiency, adapt to changes your Customers are making, and keep providing the best support possible to your team and Customers.

While the RepairShopr team is focused on releasing new features and updates designed to help you cope with the changing environment of the Coronavirus, we wanted to highlight those features you could be utilizing within your account right now to maintain the health of your repair shop.

Check out the series of short videos below to learn what you can implement today!


The Customer Portal is a page your Customers can go to in order to view their Tickets, Invoices, Estimates, and Attachments. They can open new Tickets, approve/deny Estimates, view Documentation, and even Payments! If you have a payment processor integrated, your Customers can pay specific Invoices through the Portal. This is especially useful right now when you might not be able to take payments in-person.


Ticket Automations enable you to streamline tons of custom workflows in order to reduce tasks and improve efficiency, while also helping your repair shop adapt to the changing Customer demands caused by the Coronavirus.


RepairShopr’s website integrations and customizable website widgets enable you to embed forms that your Customers can fill out when they need help.


While repair shops and their Customers are adjusting to the Coronavirus, we thought it would be helpful to review features that are helpful for billing Customers properly when going on-site, doing pickups and drop-offs, and other project work.


RepairShopr integrates with different payment processors that enable you to easily bill your Customers. Customers can even pay their Invoices in the Customer Portal, and update their stored payment method. For Recurring Invoices, you can automatically charge Customers via their stored payment method. As Customers are working from home, this can save you a ton of time and help ensure that you get paid for your work.

We hope these features help make life a little easier while navigating the waters of this changing time.

– The RepairShopr Team