Taco Tuesday with Matt from Tech Site Builder

Apr 17
By chelsea
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Hey RepairShoprs - Happy Taco Tuesday!

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On the latest addition of Taco Tuesday, Troy sits down with computer repair business guru Matthew (Matt) Rodela. You may recognize Matt (or at least his voice!) from his "Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy" website and "Computer Business Guy" podcast, but did you also know that Matt runs a super cool company called Tech Site Builder

Tune into this week's episode of Taco Tuesday to hear Matt talk about how Tech Site Builder "scratches the itch" for repair businesses all around the world and learn about what he's got planned next. 

P.S. Stick around to the end to hear about the awesome Unconvention conference that Matt is a part of this September :)

Taco Tuesday is new and we want to hear how we're doing! If there are topics we should cover, guests we should have, etc. let us know by sending a note to help@repairshopr.com.

Until next time,

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