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Windows Agent: – 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 – 2/22/23

What’s new

  • Made Internal Ticket Warnings Banner display on Ticket Detail for all Tickets on a Customer with
  • Activated warning
  • Added Assigned Contact as column in Customer Portal Ticket Section of main Portal page
  • Alphabetized Products & Services Table by Name
  • Added The Ability to Export Contacts To CSV
  • Added Invoice Reminders To Email Summary Of The Invoice Detail Page
  • Allowed Customer to Change Payment Profiles in the Customer Portal
  • Added New Lead Button in Leads Module
  • Added Assigned Contact Column to Tickets in the Customer Portal
  • Added Confirmation for Editing/Deleting Customer Credentials
  • Added New Invoice Tags for Year

What’s updated


  • Resolved issue with Ticket Creation Email being sent even though Initial Issue is turned off
  • Resolved issue where saving Ticket Timer notes with the “&” character causes the character to be changed to “&”


  • Resolved issue with adding asset counter line item to recurring bill

Customer management

  • Updated Customer Card in Customer Portal – Ticket Detail so that it displays Assigned Contact info when the Ticket has a Contact assigned
  • Password Field is now easy to update when clicking to reveal the field in Customer Credential Tab

Asset management

  • Resolved issue where Custom Field weblink didn’t load in Asset Quick View

Rich text

  • Resolved issue with RichText Attachment file name being too long