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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Monday!

Today we’re sharing some significant updates we’ve made to the Report Scheduling feature within RepairShopr.

You now have the option to control which Contacts and Customers receive Scheduled Report emails by selecting the new checkbox we’ve added to the Contact and Customer details pages called “Receive Report Emails.” By checking this box, you dictate who’s eligible to be added to a Scheduled Report in a much more granular way than before.

In addition, when editing or creating a new Scheduled Report within the Reports module, you will notice a change in the user interface. Each section of settings has been broken out by category, and we’ve added a few new options here:

  1. You can now utilize the “Report Date Range” drop-down menu to select the time-frame within which you’d like the report to capture data from each time it runs.
  2. You can select multiple Customers at a time to enlist them to receive the report. You can also select multiple Customer Saved Searches to add to the Scheduled Report email as well.
  3. You can select users within your RepairShopr account to also receive the Report.

Pro Tip: The Customer will only receive data for their business specifically, and if there are duplicates between Customers added and Customer Saved Searches added, they will be de-duplicated before the Report sends (so they’ll only receive one copy each time the Report runs).

You can learn more and see these updates in action by watching our video here:


To learn more about Reporting within RepairShopr, check out our Knowledge Base article here. Enjoy!

– The RepairShopr Team