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Hey RepairShoprs,

Here’s what we’ve been working on since our last Release Updates post!

  1. Marketr: Added a new Marketr template for Black Friday promotions. Check out our webinar recording here for more information on how to use Marketr this Black Friday and beyond!
  2. Customer Purchases: Customer Purchases now appear in Search all the Things! Check out our Feature Friday post here to get all the details.

  3. Sales Tax Report: We added Accrual basis to the Sales Tax Report so you can specify “cash basis” or “accrual basis” and either way this Report will work for you.
  4. Marketr: Updated our Marketr holiday templates for 2017.
  5. Tickets: Ticket Automations can now be set to run only during non-work-hours, only during work-hours, or run anytime.
  6. Customer Purchase: Customer Purchase status now automatically updates as certain steps are completed within the purchase flow! Check out the Feature Friday post here for more info.
  7. Customer Details: We added a security setting so that you can control whether your techs can view the Total Invoiced amount on the Customer Detail page.
  8. Customer Details: Now you can capture (and require) mobile phone numbers in the Customer Detail step of your Custom Widget flow.
  9. Customer Details: We’ve made it possible for you to require your Customers to enter their address in the Customer Detail step of your Custom Widget flow.
  10. Check In Flow: Now you can indicate that work is approved to proceed when using the New Check In flow.
  11. Recurring Tickets/Invoices: Now you can set Recurring Tickets & Invoices to recur daily.
  12. Ticket Comments: We’ve improved the New Ticket Comment box by making it clearer that Comments will not get sent out to Customers without email addresses.
  13. Contracts: Added a notification for whenever a new Contract is created.
  14. Locales: RepairShopr is now available in Georgia, Faeroe Islands, and Oman.
  15. Misc: Customers can now see the SMS Ticket Comments they received when viewing their Tickets in the Customer Portal.
  16. Misc: We’ve made the body of Invoice Emails visible on the Invoice Details page again.
  17. Misc: Technicians with links to Tickets cannot view them unless they have appropriate permissions setup.
  18. Bug Fix: We corrected the spacing issues on the appearance of Invoice Emails & Leads Emails.
  19. Bug Fix: We’ve fixed the alert sounds that happen when doing a Stock Take with a barcode scanner.
  20. Bug Fix: Square payments are not longer being blocked 🙂
  21. Bug Fix: Fixed the formatting on long product names in the POS so that they fit within their button.
  22. Bug Fix: Fixed an error message so that you know which specific required field is missing when editing the Customer page.
  23. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that made the ticket URL on an appointment description unclickable when the appointment synced to Office 365/Google Calendar.
  24. Bug Fix: Corrected errors with Snail Mails.
  25. Bug Fix: Fixed issue with searching for Assets & viewing just the Assets that belong to a particular Customer.
  26. Bug Fix: Made it possible to enter phone number again when quick-creating a Customer in the POS.
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– The RepairShopr Team