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Hey RepairShoprs,

Happy Feature Friday! We’re sharing our latest “what’s new” update as today’s Feature Friday. Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. Refurbs have been made more powerful! Now you can send any instance of a serialized product to be refurbished–if it’s In-Stock, Broken, or Trashed you can Refurb it to make a new, salable product!
  2. Android has been released! (And it has Square Register integration now) We are versioning it to match the iOS app, as of this post it’s at 3.0. Our goal is feature parity with iOS then they’ll both start improving again. Right now it’s just missing a couple small links and the offline mode. Read more on the blog here.

  3. AutoPrintr got major updates for multi-location issues that were present, Z-Reports and PopDrawer now work.

  4. Stock Takes V2.0 is out! It will have a few more revisions coming, but it’s already a major improvement. Now you can setup a “Stock Take List” of products that need to be checked, and see detailed reports about variances. Read more on the KB here.

  5. Major updates to Inventory “instance tracking” – now there is a lot more power in how you can track product serials, their history, etc.

  6. Calendar Resource View – check out the Toggle View button next time you are on the Calendar screen if you are frequently looking at multiple people’s calendar at the same time. Check it out here
  7. Email Processing got a new tag, add “TICKET:1234” in the email subject and we’ll attach that email and it’s attachments to the ticket #1234. You can use this from tech tools or other automated systems to automatically attach documents/logs to tickets.
  8. Timeclock updates – Now we show much more clearly when a log entry was edited and we moved the manager permissions into the Security Groups.

  9. Added Store Credit Payments to the Xero Integration. Credit Notes will be created for Refund Invoices (as previous, but now using correct Invoice Number), as well as Customer Purchases and Miscellaneous Gifts
  10. Dual Tax Support – we added support for Dual Taxes which are required in some Canadian provinces and a couple US states.
  11. On the Invoice page, the Customer Details widget now includes the outstanding credit and charges for that customer (for all invoices)
  12. You can now clean up phone numbers on Customers in bulk via CSV export/import using the special phone value ‘DELETE’
  13. Leads have a new setting to allow them to trigger print jobs when converted to a Ticket
  14. Custom Widgets can now also trigger print jobs when auto converted to a Ticket
  15. Two Way Calendar Sync now has a setting to only show free/busy info to your team for your appointments that came from your calendar
  16. Leads can be bulk edited, and changes can optionally be applied to all Leads matching current search instead of only those selected on the current page
  17. New Feature by Request: small receipts now display serial numbers of sold items
  18. Bug Fix: canceling a refund that had a serialized item on it will now put that instance back on the invoice
  19. Now you can mark a Lead as “spam” and it will block that email in the future

  20. Bug Fix: Applying a payment to an Invoice when there is an unpaid Refund Invoice for that customer now works.
  21. Bug Fix: A customer responding to an email from the Leads module will add to that lead’s emails rather than creating a new lead
  22. You can make your ticket automations run only during working hours (ie. 9 to 5)
  23. Purchase Orders now only show backorder fulfill suggestions from Invoices in the same Location as the PO
  24. When cloning a Purchase Order, you can now change Vendor and Location. Location can be changed on an existing Purchase Order if no lines have been received
  25. We added a location column to the list of product serials (The “View All” link from the Product edit page)
  26. We added beta support for sales tax groups
  27. Screenconnect V6 support improved
  28. QBO PO bug fixes, added tax rate information to reduce manual maintenance (tax on PO not supported in RepairShopr)
  29. Ticket CC’s are now more usable, they show on the ticket detail page
  30. If you or a customer CC’s someone we’ll add the newly detected email onto the ticket and also store the relevant addresses we are sending comments to on the ticket comment
  31. Bug Fix: Customer Credit Balance Report will now reflect store credits properly
  32. as a side effect API users can create ticket charges using barcodes, use the `name` attribute to push barcodes, just like the web app does.
Let us know what you think or if you have any questions!
– The RepairShopr team