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Hey everyone – We have a really big release to announce this time, so big we made it a separate blog post:

Some of these will surely benefit everyone, but the theme was really geared at IT Pros/MSP customers that have been asking for these things for a long time- some of these for a year or more at this point.

TL;DR – tons of new stuff, Late Fees, SLAs, appointment types, multiple addresses for customers, custom intake forms, and more 🙂

Here is the simple list format if you want to skim:

  1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  2. Custom Labor Rates for contract clients
  3. Late Fees for invoices
  4. Custom Appointment Types
  5. Use It Or Lose It for Prepay Hours (auto expire)
  6. Multiple Addresses on customers
  7. Contact CSV Importer
  8. Subscriptions/Contracts are now on the customer detail page
  9. Custom Intake Form Terms based on Ticket Types
  10. Merge Leads – into leads or tickets
  11. Estimates – filter by user for assigning to sales people
  12. Asset Date Fields are now searchable and work in notification center
  13. Appointments can now be generic and not related to a ticket or customer
  14. ReWork tickets just got a beta report – more improvements will come, let us know what you want to see on those reports!
  15. Bulk Labels Report – We are calling this a report, but it’s a place to mass-print your inventory labels. It’s meant to just be used when you are first getting setup – then ongoing you should be getting labels out of the Purchase Order.
  16. Added Customer email to referral report and referrer’s email if Customer was referred by another Customer
  17. We have a beta of Bulk Edit for Tickets! Let us know how it works for you..
  18. Added a status icon to Invoices index to highlight the last time that invoice was snail mailed (not emailed).
  19. When making a payment on a single invoice, Agreeing to terms and signature redirects to the Invoice now (instead of the Customer)
  20. Mercury has been owned by Vantiv for a couple years, they are finally changing the name of “Mercury Payment Processing” to “Vantiv Integrated Payments” we’ve updated our app to reflect this name change. We expect nothing to change in the product/features/functionality just the name.
  21. eTech Parts integration is soft-launching, see our help section if you want to try it out
  22. We added a location column to the list of product serials
  23. Bug Fix: fixed a bug where deleted invoices did not update QuickBooks Desktop
  24. Bulk Edits to Products/Inventory has made it’s debut, more to come on this
  25. Bug Fix: QBSDK line items should not be reversed anymore
  26. Bug Fix: Customer Searches with Business Name specified as ‘is’ or ‘contains’ will now actually include customers with a business name containing the specified string. Note an exact match is not currently possible.
  27. Improve platform monitoring and stability
  28. We added line-item level tax rates, a requirement for Canadian QuickBooks Desktop (still more to do though)