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Hey RepairShoprs!

Today we’re excited to announce the release of a much anticipated, game-changing integration between RepairShopr and Kabuto.


Introducing Recur – Your Residential MSP in a Box!

We’re calling this new integration Recur – Your Residential MSP in a Box (or just Recur for short). Recur allows you to:

  1. Automatically track and bill customers on a monthly or yearly basis for managed services
  2. Fully automate your business by keeping Kabuto Policies in sync with built-in pricing plans in RepairShopr
  3. Always know the billing status of all your Residential MSP Customers

Recur applies powerful automation to the way you can sell Managed Services using Kabuto, a lightweight RMM, making it super simple to build, manage and automatically charge for recurring service plans.

Now, you can quickly circumvent all of the trickiest steps of developing a subscription product for your business (and skip right to the revenue part!). 🙂

But, what we’ve built with the Kabuto team is actually much more than just a new integration.

Along with Recur, we’ve also developed a 5 Day Guide to Launching Your Residential MSP, so you’ll have both the tech and the sales process in place to start selling subscription packages with ease.

To get started with Recur, click here and get access to all of the valuable resources at your fingertips, such as helpful walk-through videos, technical information, and additional marketing materials.

*Note: Recur is a premium integration that costs $19.99/month. However, we’re so confident you’ll quickly earn your investment back that we’re offering a money-back guarantee 🙂 Also, in order to use the Recur integration, you need both Kabuto and RepairShopr.

– RepairShopr team