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Windows Agent: – 6/22/23 | Mac Agent: 1.10.537 – 2/22/23

What’s new

  • Add Contact Name to Additional Internal Ticket Notifications

What’s updated


  • Resolved error on Ticket Index page where Ticket Tag edit modal drop-down field covered Save button
  • Resolved error causing Ticket Tags modal drop-down field arrow to not be clickable
  • Resolved error where Ticket Tag modal disappeared and automatically saved changes
  • Resolved error where Ticket reply notifications start with most recent reply and not with the initial issue
  • Unbolded the contact line in ticket notifications
  • Resolved error where Ticket Index Page changes on the Add/Edit Tags Dialog are cached when ‘X’ is pressed and visible when reopened


  • Resolved an error so that the selected Contact now pulls up on page load from Search All The Things
  • Resolved error where Search all things field does not show all results when pressing enter

Rich Text

  • Resolved error where line breaks were missing from certain integrations and alerts with Rich Text enabled


  • Resolved error where forwarded emails for creating Leads are not matching to the correct contact/customer on certain accounts