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Windows Agent: 1.0.171 – 12/9/22 | Mac Agent: 1.9.469 – 10/21/22

What’s updated

Asset management

  • Resolved an issue with body text of the “Ticket Log” UI In the Asset Details page overflowing
  • Resolved an issue with the “Select All” check box to top of ‘/api_tokens/new#new-api-token’ list of permissions

User management

  • Resolved an issue where disabling a user didn’t fully remove them from ticket automations, SLAs, or mailbox rules, causing confusion


  • Resolved an issue with user getting billed for contact that was deleted and had Splashtop Remote Access enabled


  • Resolved an error with email rules when attempting to create contact


  • Resolved an issue with ticket initial issue text overflowing on Asset detail page’s Ticket Log UI


  • Resolved an issue where typing any number to start a line like “25.5” is causing the editor to create a numbered list and changes the “25.5” to “1”