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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Friday!

Today we are sharing two Quality of Life updates to our Recurring Invoice module.

You can now choose to apply any existing Customer Credit(s) automatically to a Recurring Invoice at the time it runs for that Customer. You can now also choose to have any pending Ticket Charges only apply to Tickets of a certain status/statuses of your choosing!

Prior to this update, Customer Credits would need to be applied manually to a Recurring Invoice, and pending Ticket Charges were added to Tickets of any status (you weren’t able to choose specific Ticket Status types).

Both of these updates come highly requested from our users, and are sure to save you time.

To check out these updates in action, watch our video here:

To learn more about Recurring Invoicing within RepairShopr, check out our Recurring Invoice Knowledge Base article.

– The RepairShopr Team