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Hey RepairShoprs — Happy Thursday!

Today we’re sharing an update to the Customer & Ticket modules within RepairShopr.

We’ve created a new optional field on Customer records to allow for Internal Ticket Warnings. Once enabled, the text added to this field will appear as a banner at the top of a Ticket each time a member of your team generates a Ticket on behalf of a Customer.

This is useful if you’d like to share information about a particular Customer with your team, such as letting them know if the Customer has an overdue Invoice. It can even be something as simple as who to ask for when contacting the Customer or how to pronounce their name properly. The possibilities are endless!

To enable this setting, simply head to the Admin Center within your RepairShopr account and click on the Ticket Preferences option in the left-hand column of the page. Locate the new field “Enable Internal Ticket Warnings” and checkmark the box to turn this setting on. Be sure to click save! Then, when you go to edit a Customer Record, this field will appear at the bottom of the page for you to edit.

Check out our video here to learn more about how this update works:

You can also learn more about this feature in our Knowledge Base article here.

We hope you enjoy these updates and look forward to bringing you more user-requested updates soon.

– The RepairShopr Team