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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Feature Friday!

This week we’re introducing a brand new PDF Template called Packing Slips.

Packing Slips

This update comes from direct user feedback requesting a printable PDF document similar to an Invoice, but one that would not include any information you may not want to share externally such as the price of a line item. This Template would only show information like the line item’s description and quantity so that you could use it to do things like:

  • Verify product orders coming into your shop
  • Have Customers sign off on an order if you received goods requested for them
  • Have a delivery person use it as a delivery receipt

We’re happy to share that this Template is now available for your use!

To Access Packing Slips and Customize Your Template:

  1. Head to the Admin Center.
  2. Click the “PDF/Email Templates” link in the left-hand column.
  3. Click the “Invoice” option.
  4. Locate the new tab titled “Packing Slip” to edit your Template.
  5. Click the Orange “Edit Packing Slip” button to begin editing the default Template we’ve created for you.
  6. As per usual, the template tags listed on the right side of the page can be used to populate information automatically within the Template.
  7. We’ve added a new template tag – {{invoice_line_items_table_qty_only}} – which populates a table containing the item’s description and quantity, but not the price.
  8. Be sure to save any changes you make to the Template before leaving the page.

To View Packing Slips in Your RepairShopr Account:

  1. Open the Invoices module.
  2. Open any Invoice you wish to view the Packing Slip on.
  3. Click on the PDF icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Select the “Packing Slip” option.
  5. A preview of the PDF will popup in a new modal with the ability for you to download, print, or refresh it.
  6. You can also view the Packing Slip in the same way by using the Quick View Modal for any Invoice listed in the Invoices table, avoiding the need to go into the Invoice itself to view!

To get an in-depth overview of Packing Slips, check out this video:

Learn more about the Invoice system in our Invoice Knowledge Base article. As we stated above, this feature came from user-requested feedback. Please keep it coming!

– The RepairShopr Team