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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re covering an important piece of RepairShopr’s Inventory and Customer Purchase flows: Refurbs.

RepairShopr Refurbs Module

Most repair businesses have some sort of refurbishment process. Perhaps you take trade-ins when a Customer is upgrading a product or device or you simply purchase products from your Customers to then turn around and re-sell them to another Customer. RepairShopr’s Refurbs feature allows you to track this process from A to B, and create a more streamlined way to account for these product types when you’re reselling them.

Some of the highlights of the Refurbs module are:

  1. If you are taking Parts from your Inventory and using them in the Refurb product you plan to sell, you can easily add these Parts into the Refurb Product entry in your RepairShopr account.
  2. The cost of the Refurb Product will automatically adjust according to the Parts used, so you know how much the final Product is actually costing you and can therefore make a better decision about how to price the Product before selling.
  3. You can convert an existing Inventory item into a Refurb Product.
  4. You can convert an existing Customer Purchase into a Refurb Product.
  5. You can track labor on the Refurb Product, to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of selling Refurbs.

Get a complete overview of the Refurbs module in our overview video here:

You can also learn more about this module in our Refurb Knowledge Base article here.

Happy refurbing!

– The RepairShopr Team