Feature Friday - iOS Mobile App Square Payments Updates

Aug 16
By chelsea
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Hey RepairShoprs - Happy Feature Friday!

Today we're excited to share two valuable upgrades to Square Payment processing within the RepairShopr Lite iOS mobile app.

Square Payments update within RepairShopr iOS Mobile App

You can now take Square payments from directly within the RepairShopr Lite iOS mobile app and use the wireless Square readers to do so if you wish!

The latest version of the mobile app (4.3.5 and above) now supports both of these features while using iPhones and/or iPads. 

To enable Square Payment processing within the RepairShopr Lite iOS mobile app:

  1. Check your RepairShopr Lite app version number by heading to "Settings" > "About" and look for the "Version."
  2. If you are not up-to-date, please head to the Apple App Store and update the RepairShopr Lite app before continuing.
  3. Then head to "Settings" > "Payments."
  4. You should now see the option to enable the setting for "Use Square's In-app Checkout." Enable it.
  5. With this setting enabled, you can now take payments directly within the RepairShopr Lite mobile app!

Square Reader & Payments enable

To enable your wireless Square reader within the RepairShopr Lite iOS mobile app:

If you are looking to enable your wireless Square readers, head to "Settings" > "Payments" > "Configure Square Reader" within your RepairShopr Lite mobile app.

From here, you will want to "Connect a Reader" and follow the instructions to get it setup. You should see something like this: 

Square Reader & Payments enable

Once you have connected the wireless card reader, you can go ahead and take a payment! If you're using a headphone jack reader, you can also configure that here as well. 

We hope our Square users enjoy this update. Learn more about this payment processing option in our Square Knowledge Base article here. Stay tuned for more good stuff from us soon!

- The RepairShopr Team

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