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Windows Agent: 1.0.173 – 3/15/23 | Mac Agent: 1.9.469 – 10/21/22

What’s new

  • Added ability to create a system message on the original ticket after it has been split
  • Added ability to create new “month tags” for recurring invoice and invoice templates

What’s updated


  • Resolved 500 error when accessing the Inventory Aging report from Reports tab
  • Resolved incorrect text in Internal Report Builder, plus error replacing Customers with Tickets
  • Resolved gateway timeout error when changing “Period” on Ticket Time by Customer Report
  • Resolved 504 error when running Ticket Time by Customer Report
  • Resolved error with ticket comment report not being generated


  • Resolved ticket automation ‘ticket last comment subject’ condition 500 error on next run tickets
  • Resolved error when loading large ticket and invoice PDF


  • Resolved errors when trying to take payment on invoice and modify the Invoice Due Date
  • Resolved invoice failures when recurring invoice line items have a Null taxable value


  • Resolved error where clicking on empty space between Documentation and More took you to the Calendar
  • Resolved 504 & 500 errors when trying to access Leads
  • Resolved server Error 500 when navigating to the Pending Orders page
  • Resolved 504 Gateway Timeout Error after Clicking ‘Dismiss All’ to Clear Notifications