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Fun couple weeks we just had!

  • You can now hook up to the payment form and take credit cards
  • You can store the credit card at for future recurring invoicing
  • You can enable a POS module if you have a retail operation
  • We turned on SSL support for all * domains
  • Import/Export of inventory for bulk edit in excel offline, and better printing!
  • Allow currency selection for paypal payment button
  • Estimate module, make estimates and convert to invoices
  • Forms auto-focus now to tab through fields faster
  • Allow huge text descriptions in invoice line items
  • Hooked back up Snail Mail – USA only, can snail mail invoices to customers manually or on recurring billing 🙂
  • In-Lined the first problem comment on the new ticket form
  • Added a totally new logistics module to multi-store, track transfers of tickets or products between your stores