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Hey there – no new posts in June but we were cranking out features and fixes all month..

  • Cash Register Balancing
  • Customers can pay with a Credit Card or Paypal via customer portal
  • You can now disable the quick payment button
  • We started an electronic signature pad, it will be ready in a couple days 🙂
  • Quickbooks DESKTOP support is pending approval now
  • We added a Customer Map – you can see where your customers are physically located
  • Fixed up how payments get applied, now the credit balance is more intuitive and works like you would expect
  • New customer label sticker formatting
  • Multiple calendars! Sync to individual calendars for field jobs
  • In comments we now show the tech name instead of email address
  • You can adjust tax in the POS
  • You can assign a POS transaction to a customer
  • Added a reminder system

Be sure to play with the electronic signature module, we need some feedback on what people are doing with that, what kinds of input devices, etc.