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Pardon us while we toot our own horn, here is what’s new lately;

  • Added a DEPOSIT system – we are getting modern!
  • Added a Shopping Cart on invoices for Ticket Charges to get added easily

Shopping Cart

  • Added barcodes to the HTML templates!

Barcode Tickets

  • Added a new invoice template, we’ll show it off soon!
  • New report to show who/what/when on Inventory changes!

Inventory Tracking

  • Added an appointment duration slider to field jobs from ticket screen


  • Finalized the Asset system
  • Instant search on the search boxes
  • Allow import of Inventory and Vendors from Quickbooks
  • Add fancy file uploader, works on mobile too!


  • Added Tax Inclusive for non US folks!
  • Ability to not email the customer when you create a ticket

  • Able to modify invoice/ticket dates finally!
  • Added a REST API, alpha currently – but ping us if you want to use it
  • Added a setting to printers to turn on and off the auto printing
  • Added FAQ links in some key sections
  • Added price-cost averaging on Purchase Orders
  • Added SMS for Australia
  • Added some filtering to a few reports

Employee Sales

  • Added some minor translations and a lot of date localization for non-US users!
  • Allow different tax rates based on locations for big-chains
  • Estimates have customizable templates too!

Estimates Template

  • Estimates now linked on tickets, and back again – finally
  • Fix up the mobile site for ticket creation, payments, and more
  • Fully Localized the app, cash registers now uses the right currency for your location


  • Make inbound emails parse better so you can more easily forward your email as a ticket reply email
  • Make leads location-aware for the big-chains
  • Modify comment email subjects to be a little better to read
  • New Printer settings pages!

Edit Printers

  • New referral source report
  • Tech gets notified when you schedule someone else a field job

Plus about 5 pages of small improvements we didn’t think needed to be called out..

Hope you enjoy the progress as much as we do 🙂