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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Taco Tuesday!

repairshopr taco tuesday

On the latest Taco Tuesday, Troy sits down with Jessa, founder of iPad Rehab AKA “Micro Soldering Mom” AKA “MommyFixIt.” 

You might have caught their chat when Jessa streamed it live last week on YouTube. If not, here it is in all its (unedited) glory! Yes, there are some curse words in this one. Yes, it might be considered NSFW. Yes, we love Jessa being Jessa 🙂

Here are key markers in case you want to skip around:

Chit chat and taco reveal – 1:00

How Jessa and some of her co-workers got started – 4:30

Porta potties and cell phones do not mix – 6:52

iPad Rehab feature requests for RepairShopr – let us know if you agree! – 10:44

Live Q&A from streaming on YouTube Live – 13:17

Learn about how RepairShopr localizes the product for different countries – 13:34

“Micro Soldering Mom”: How Jessa was put on the map and found RepairShopr – 17:58

How Jessa got into Micro Soldering – 21:05

Does the rice trick for water damaged phones work? Jessa explains. – 25:23

Jessa’s business today – 29:25

Jessa and Troy share what’s next for each of them – 30:06

Taco Tuesday is new and we want to hear how we’re doing! If there are topics we should cover, guests we should have, etc. let us know by sending a note to

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