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Hi there,

The next piece in our ongoing effort to profile major upgrades you

may have missed in RepairShopr over the last couple months is the introduction of our new Stock Take module. Like many of

our updates, this suggestion came to us via our Feedback Forum and received fantastic support:

RepairShopr keeps track of

on hand inventory for items set to maintain stock, but there are times when parts are ordered or sold and the information

didn’t get entered into RepairShopr. The Stock Take module now allows you to do a full inventory count, keeping track of

each item along the way. Once complete, you will see the on hand value shown in RepairShopr versus the actual value of

your inventory count. From there, it is as simple as clicking a checkbox and submitting the stock take to update your

RepairShopr inventory count to match what you currently have on hand.

More information on the Stock Take module can be found in the

following article:


Thank you to everyone in the Forum community who contributed ideas and

suggestions to this! We are excited to keep improving this feature over time and look foreword to hearing what else you

would like to see added.

The RepairShopr Team